Pick up & Drop

Hire a disNIP DUDE for your multiple task e.g - Forgot something at home? Sending tiffin or other items? Need to courier documents?

We deliver to you everything within your city

Groceries | Households
Dairy Foods
Fruits | Vegetables
Pet Supplies
Stationery | Books
Meat | Fish
Any Thing From Any Store

We Accept Order on Whatsapp also.

Reason to Order

No Minimum Order

Anything delivered without minimum order value

Save Time

You can’t stop time, but you can save it!

Local Store at One Place

We Deliver from Your Local Store within Your City

Fastest Delivery with Nominal Charge

Delivered in 60 Minutes* with Lowest Delivery Rate.

How to Order

Order items of your choice and get it delivered.


List the items to purchase.

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Search for the store or enter the location.


Chat with the partner and track the order.


Confirm Delivery Address.


Get it at Home.

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